Monday, July 22, 2013

Cars Party Decorations

For Bug's party, I made a couple of banners, a centerpiece, and several signs that I printed and laminated and hung around the house.

I had trouble finding black and white checkered paper, so I found some digital paper online and printed several sheets. I cut several flags from Party Picks and Pennants, and then seven large pennants by hand to put his name on. The "Happy Birthday" banner is cut from Cars and Alphalicious. I cut the route sign in black (I think) at 3.5" and the checkered pattern at 3.25"

For the centerpiece, I cut several of the Cars characters at about 2 inches and glued them on to wooden skewers. I do not recommend cutting the characters this small, because they have many tiny pieces that are easy to lose and difficult to piece together! I used Cricut Craft Room to weld together Bug's name (using Plantin SchoolBook), but ended up needing to reinforce the "a" and the "m" with a toothpick because the area where they were joined was very thin and didn't stay upright like the rest of the letters. If I had more time to re-do the welding and cut his name out again, I would push the letters much closer together! Lesson learned!

Cameron's cake was INCREDIBLE, but I can't take credit for it! One of my good friends made and decorated the cake for him, and I just placed several of the flags (that had been glued on toothpicks) and a banner on which I hand-wrote "Happy Birthday, Cameron!" and glued to wooden skewers.

I also purchased Cars characters to place on the road shaped like a "3." Bug was excited to have new cars!

Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned for Mater birthday party invitations that were made for my nephews! Have a great day!

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